Which version of Jack Spicer do you prefer, XS, or XC? - Anonymous

XS, definitely.


-bat mod






Jack’s crack security team :)

please message me on how i can post these on a photo post, cuz i like those better(an error message always shows up)

Hi There! Could you post a gif about Jack introducing his Dinocute pets?? - Anonymous

Aagh! I’m sure I saw that gifset floating around a few days ago, but I can’t find it here nor in my main blog.

Anyone have a link to it? I’ll be sure to reblog it here.

-Bat mod

Oops! Just noticed that we have 2 messages from who knows when!

I’ll.. try to answer them in a bit hahhaha

-Bat mod

Omg this is like the best thing ever just freaking Jack Spicer all over the place asdfghjkl <33333 - Anonymous

ik <3

he’s just such a great character

i’m bad tho, only just started watching xc the other day..

-mod egg (as i am now declaring myself if the other mod wants to do something similar??? idk i’m not on as much as i should be, clearly)

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